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Insured - Licensed Idaho Contractor # RCE-14127
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Certified Seed
Fast Grass
seed mix is custom blended and tested, high quality, certified seed
mix.  Germination time depends on weather conditions, temperature, and the
amount of watering.  Your grass will be visible in 5 to 6 days -- a few days longer
in cooler temperatures.
General Pricing Guide
Ground Prep Work
$75 an hour charged in
full hour increments

Soil Conditioning
$75 an hour charged in
full hour increments

$60 an hour charged in
full hour increments

Hydro Seeding
.08 -.10 cents
per square foot

Erosion Control
.055 -.07 cents
per square foot

Landscape Projects
Call for a free estimate

Neighborhood Special
As the square footage to
be hydro seeded goes
up, the price comes
down. Get the lowest
possible price by going in
with a few of your
neighbors who need
hydro seeding and we will
add all areas to be hydro
seeded together to lower
the price. Everybody will
benefit from the lower
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