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Hydro Seeding - what is it?
Hydro seeding is a grass planting process. This process is fast, efficient,
and economical. The process is more effective than conventional seeding
and more economical than conventional sodding. The process begins by
preparing a batch of material consisting of mulch, seed, fertilizer and water.
The batch of material is mixed in the tank of a Hydro seeding machine, and
then pumped from the tank and sprayed onto the ground. After being
sprayed onto the soil, the material appears as a green foam or soil coating.
The mulch material enhances initial growth by providing a
micro-environment beneficial to seed germination. The mulch holds the
seed in place on the ground and helps hold moisture in the soil. Mulch also
moderates the impact of raindrop impact.

Hydro Seeding vs conventional seeding methods:
Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Seeding, without the
protection of mulch, is less expensive than Hydro seeding. Seeding, without
mulch, may be the method of choice due to budget constraints. However,
the results will be less dependable, and in fact offer significant risk of
failure. Sodding, will provide solid coverage of grass immediately. If properly
watered, the probability of success is practically certain. However, the
amount of money required for turf sodding may be twice the cost of Hydro
seeding. Hydro seeding, does not provide instant grass of solid sod.
However, Hydro seeding can frequently provide a full coverage of grass
within an acceptable time frame. The cost of the Hydro seeding process
and the probability of getting good results is dependent upon the quality of
mulch used. The probability of getting a perfect stand of grass also
depends upon the irrigation or rainfall. Under reasonable conditions, and
with the very best mulch, applied at heavy rates, Hydro seeding will provide
an excellent stand of grass at 25% to 50% less than the cost of solid sod.

When to Hydro seed:
Spring, Summer or Fall. Each season will give you different results. Spring,
gives you a head start on a full lawn ready for summer and fall. With the
arrival of fall weather comes a thickening of the newly seeded areas.
Summer, is an excellent time to Hydro seed. Watering twice daily, an
established lawn will be apparent in the fall along with the cooler nights.
Fall, Hydro seeding will produce a nice lawn for the following spring. The
lawn will begin thin, but will thicken and fill in for the following spring.

Care and maintenance:
The success of growing grass is almost always related to water, either too
much or not enough. If water is scarce, a good mulch helps the soil to
absorb moisture and then insulate the soil, making that moisture is available
for the plant as long as possible. Soil moisture is the key to germination and
initial growth. If too much water comes at one time, such as heavy rains or
too much watering, the seed must be held in place. A good mulch is an
erosion resistant material, and reduces or eliminates soil erosion. Erosion
control is a key function of good mulch material. Mulch can be the great
water moderator, and the probability of growing grass successfully is
enhanced with a good mulch application. Water a spring installation once
daily for at least 20 minutes. Water a summer installation twice a day for at
least 20 minutes. Once early morning and again late afternoon or evening.
Water a fall installation once a day for at least 20 minutes. Results will
materialize the following spring, but watering must be done in fall.
Dura-Turf Low
Maintenance Mix:

40% Talon Canada
Bluegrass, 25%
Hard Fescue, 15%
Black Sheep
Fescue, 10%
Chewings Fescue,
10% Creeping Red
General Pricing Guide
Ground Prep Work
$75 an hour charged in
full hour increments

Soil Conditioning
$75 an hour charged in
full hour increments

$60 an hour charged in
full hour increments

Hydro Seeding
.08 -.10 cents
per square foot

Erosion Control
.055 -.07 cents
per square foot

Landscape Projects
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Neighborhood Special
As the square footage to
be hydro seeded goes
up, the price comes
down. Get the lowest
possible price by going in
with a few of your
neighbors who need
hydro seeding and we will
add all areas to be hydro
seeded together to lower
the price. Everybody will
benefit from the lower
Care and watering Newly Hydro Seeded Lawn!
However your new lawn is installed care is very important, particularly for
the first month.
Successful seed germination depends on a few days of special care. To
assure proper germination water regularly. We suggest two times a day in
warm weather. Keeping the yard moist will maximize seed germination.
You may walk on the Hydro seeded surface when watering. Try to walk
only on areas that are dry, and try to not disturb the mulch mat.
By watering regularly and keeping your new seedlings from drying out you
insure the beginnings of a lawn that will make your neighbors green with

Mowing can begin once the new lawn is 3" tall in most areas. Mowing
stimulates growth and increases thickness. Set the mower high at first, then
gradually lower. Try to cut no more than 1/3 of the grass at a time. It is
normal for weed seeds in your soil to germinate and grow faster than your
new grass. As soon as ANY weeds are 3" tall, MOW them and use a grass
catcher. Mowing will stunt the growth of weeds and your new lawn will soon
over take them.

About one month after seeding, fertilize your new lawn using a high
nitrogen (the first of the 3 numbers on the bag) fertilizer. The contractor
who installed your lawn used a high phosphorus or "starter fertilizer" when
Hydro seeding your lawn. The phosphorus will stimulate root growth, and in
the early stages it is important to get good root growth before you stimulate
a vigorous top growth with nitrogen.

Continued care:
Talk to your landscape professional to see if he has a program for
continued care of your lawn with regular treatments of fertilizer and
treatments for weed and insect problems as required.
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